A VR Social App Revolutionizing How You Meet People

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The world’s first sociable network is here. vTIme is a social platform that allows you to meet new people and interact with them or your friends in a stunning virtual environment of your choosing like Paris or even Space. Meet and interact with people in person and feel their presence when you use vTime. VR headsets like the iVROX have now provided us the opportunity to experience virtual environments by only using our smartphones. Normal text phone conversations are boring and often the physical distance between the people creates a communicational gap. Now you can talk to your friends and meet up new people in surrealistic virtual environments without having to leave your home. The vTime app allows you to choose from 19 different destinations with more being added every day.

How it Works

Just create a thoroughly customizable avatar of yourself and get going. Choose from millions of different facial combinations. This avatar will be viewed by others you chat with. Through the use of a VR headset, you will have first person view of the avatars of other people you’re interacting with. You can also move your head to look around and your avatar will move its head in real time as well.

360° View

What is the use of having conversations in realistic virtual reality environments if you cannot wholly experience them? The vTime offers 360 degrees view of your surroundings by just moving your head in the desired direction. This allows you to take full advantage of your gorgeous surroundings and experiencing them with your loved ones or new people you’re meeting.

3D Sound

The 3D sound effect makes you feel like you’re actually in the place yourself instead of your home living room.

Meet New People

vTime and its users are ever growing and currently, it has people from over 195 different countries. Make friend lists and manage them or message your new friends regardless of whether they’re online or not with the vText.

Chat and Share

Not only can you chat with your friends as if you were right with them, you can also share photos or videos with them in the virtual environment. You can also take 360 photos and experience them together with your friends using your VR headset and the vTime app or just have a normal conversation with them.


The vCast feature allows you to broadcast your virtual meeting sessions to everyone on vTime or you can record them and have them available to be seen by others on demand.

The vTime app is certainly one of the most and most pleasant uses of VR and VR headsets. Available for Android and iPhones, the app is easily accessible to anyone. It is completely cross-platform. Create the perfect avatar with thousands of customizable options and meet with anyone from anywhere around the world. Have a conversation or just have a hangout session in Space, in the Arctic or whichever destination you choose. Meeting people has never been this fun.

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