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Google Daydream VR is a virtual reality platform that was developed for Android devices by Google that initially released a VR headset on October 2016. The introductory price of the Daydream VR headset was just $79, but since then a number of additions have been released with new features. Google however was not the first to break into this market and their Daydream device may not represent the pinnacle VR solution.

The iVrox VR headset is one of the main competitors in the market and it offers some extra support as it’s compatible with virtually all the Android phones and any type of iPhone device. The Google Daydream isn’t 100% compatible with every android device, and not at all with the iPhones. It’s extremely limited and was originally only designed for use with the Google Pixel model phone.

With the multisize opening available in the iVrox system, it’s possible to enjoy an experience that is compatible with any type of smartphone. The device can be easily adjusted to suit any make or model of iPhone or Android device. If you are looking for a headset that is going to be massively compatible, the iVrox system offers a number of features that are less of a compromise than the Daydream device.

Unfortunately, the Google Daydream doesn’t come with any type of settings and this means that if you have to wear glasses or you have issues with vision, it is impossible to actually adjust the device so that you can get a clear picture. iVrox makes it easy to position the lenses away from the eyes and create a much more immersive effect as a result.

When you are looking for a VR headset that’s going to offer compatibility, settings and an affordable price you should strongly consider the use of the iVrox system as an option for your VR headset needs.

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