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Get Virtual Reality into your pocket with the iVrox Fold. The Fold is compatible with iOS and Android devices, allowing you to access over a thousand apps and games for the VR environment. Comprising of durable plastic, you can conveniently fold the iVrox Fold and keep it in your pocket, as it takes up less space than your car keys. In simple words, the Fold emerges accessibility with portability in terms of VR.

The foldable version of the iVrox features two lenses, held in place with a single support. You can clip the central part of your phone to the support, leading to a ‘T-shaped’ structure. You can clip the glasses over your smartphone and explore the vast world of VR. Moreover, the Fold weighs just 30g, making it more convenient for you to carry it in your pocket.

The iVrox VR Store categorize the vast range of apps available to you, including shooters, 360o video, and roller coasters.

For a better experience you can also download the iVrox Player which make all your videos VR friendly for a full immersion like on cinema screen.

4 reviews for iVROX Fold

  1. Chris

    I recommend it. I have both ivrox, the standard one and this foldable. Love both

  2. Serge

    Perfect product which fit in my pocket when I cannot carry my big VR headset. In terms of the quality of plastic I would say it good. The shipping just took a little but was due that Fedex did not find my address. All the rest good. thanks ivrox!

  3. Daniela T

    Nothing to say. Happy with this second iVrox purchase.

  4. Tom E

    Good quality and really fit in my pocket lol

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