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“Cardboard Camera” is an app that was launched by Google in 2014. Cardboard camera app allows you to make 3D, 360° photos with all-natural sounds via your mobile device’s camera. It gained its popularity by giving the users a rich virtual reality experience. By attaching your smartphone with a VR headset, you can view the image taken with the help of Cardboard Camera in all the directions. This allows you to have the ultimate immersive experience of the picture.

One of the best VR Headsets available in the market is being manufactured and sold by iVROX. You just have to insert your Smartphone, whether it’s Apple or Android, in the headset and it will provide you the best display and immersive experience!


Details and working of Cardboard Camera:

It is an app designed specifically to work with VR headsets. The application is available for both Android and iOS based platforms. The basic concept behind the Cardboard Camera is that it turns your Smartphone into a virtual reality camera, making it capable of capturing 360-degree panoramas. The captured pictures are mostly referred to as “VR photos”. This app does not require any account or signup. You just need to download it and start capturing!

As VR photos are made up of slightly different views, things will appear to you both near and far away, hence creating a three-dimensional effect. Whether it’s Christmas or Halloween, all you need to do is to open the Cardboard Camera app, then tap the capture button, and hold out your phone. You need to make sure that you’re moving your phone slowly around in a circle to capture all sorts of angles. The ability of this application to capture sound is really an amazing feature and creates a whole new immersive experience for the user.

The basic job of the VR headset is to let you explore the new type of image with 360°, 3D virtual environment without the borders that are generally associated with TV or computer displays. The lenses used in VR headset focus and reshape the image for each eye and makes a stereoscopic 3D image. Try closing one eye and then the other to see individual objects dance about from side to side.

With new updates expected to be announced in a couple of months, users will be able to share the VR photos with their friends, loved ones, on both iOS and Android based devices. You will be able to choose multiple photos and create a virtual photo album and tap the share icon. Cardboard Camera will do the rest and generate a link that can easily be shared through Bluetooth or via the internet.

Our pictures and videos are one of the best ways in which we can relive our memories. The ability to make VR photos using the Cardboard application and then viewing them from a good VR headset such as iVROX VR Headset will enhance this experience manifold.

Cardboard Camera is changing the way we used to look at our photos; through cardboard camera, anyone can enjoy their own VR experience. Whether you feel like revisiting the mountain top that took hours to hike, or the zoo where you saw the monkeys or your birthday party where the candles are still lit, everything will be possible through this App, so capture the moments that matter the most to you and relive them anytime or anywhere you want.

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