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Every year, some new trend pops up in the tech world and the speed and frequency at which new technological inventions grace our world, they die down just as quickly. Many trends appear and disappear in a matter of months as the hype is created and fizzles out like a little spark that only burns for a few seconds. But if there is one trend that has continuously been talked about and invested in through a number of years, it is virtual reality.


But why should you invest in a VR headset? What can you even use it for if you don’t run a business or service that could benefit from this new technology?

The answer is simple: not only does a VR headset give you an idea of a futuristic life, but it also makes your daily routine much more simple and facilitated by adding so many little elements to our lives that we couldn’t have thought of before. Having a VR headset can open so many new ways in which you can use new technology to your benefit to further raise the standard of daily life and make it much more interesting.

For example, if you are a big fan of playing video games, then a VR headset can give you the kind of immersion that you could never expect from a PlayStation, XBox, or your PC. and in the case that you are not a fan of playing games, VR immersion can make you one! With a VR headset, you can experience the gaming world in the truest sense by actually being present on the spot as perform different actions in a virtual world.

New VR apps let you visit the whole world while sitting on your bed through interactive, 360 degree imagery and scenarios. You can use it to meet up with your friends, albeit virtually, or even make new friends with apps such as VTime. Or you can spare yourself the task of going to the cinema to watch a movie- you can turn your phone into a cinema screen with a VR headset!

But apart from everything you can do with a Vr headset, the best thing is that it gives you an excuse to share a happy moment with your friends and family. Nothing would feel better than taking over a VR headset to a family celebration on Christmas and have some fun as you all examine, explore, and play. It can even sprout some great conversation topics such as the future of technology and where our world is headed to, and make traditionally boring dinners and outings much less awkward and much more enjoyable!


So if you want to try out the wonders of virtual reality by immersing in the unique experience at least once, then iVROX can help you out. You simply need to get an iVROX VR headset which is very easily available from the relevant website or Amazon, and download the iVROX Vr Player from the App Store or Google Play Store onto your smartphone. Using that app, you can watch any movie or video stored in your phone as if you are watching it on a three dimensional, huge, real, cinema screen.

What the iVROX VR Player does is that it lets you convert traditional videos into VR videos so you can have a VR experience using your iPhone or Android smartphone at home. Who says VR has to be exclusive?

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