Is my smartphone compatible with iVROX?

iVROX VR Headset works with virtually all smartphones with a screen size between 4inch and 6inch.


Enhance the user experience of your Android smartphone by investing in an  iVROX, an affordable virtual reality headset for android smartphone but also the best VR headset for Android. Unlock the power of the myriad VR apps that Google offers with this top-of-the-line, user-friendly Android VR headset, without having to break the bank.

How to Use iVROX VR with Android smartphones?

Using iVROX on with your Android phone is a breeze. All you need to do is to download a VR app or game to your smartphone. Next, open the front of your iVROX VR headset and introduce your Android phone to it. You should link the Bluetooth controller. In case the app or games does not need a controller, you can close the virtual reality headset for Android and immerse yourself in virtual reality. iVROX, the best VR headset for Android, does not require any other steps.

Where Do I Find Apps Compatible with This Virtual Reality Headset for Android?

In case you are out of ideas, you can explore the Google Play Store for VR-enabled apps. Some of the best apps include Sisters, a relatively short but scary VR experience and Vtime, a VR social network. A majority of these apps are free, but you will find paid, premium apps as well. You can find some of the favourite VR apps for Android here.

You can also browse our iVROX VR Store and you will find hundreds of apps that are compatible with this virtual reality headset for Android smartphone. You can download the VR Store directly from the Google Play Store to conveniently find VR apps and 360° videos compatible with your Android VR Headset.

You can enhance your experience with your new virtual reality headset for Android by downloading our VR Player. Our VR player is compatible with your Android smartphone, allowing you to watch a wide variety of content, including movies and series. In short, you can convert your Android VR headset into a cinema screen.

iVROX is by far the best virtual reality headset for Android!


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